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My massage world started in 2000. After being injured in an auto accident, I went to a doctor who sent me to a neurologist, then to a physical therapist. All of which did a little good. Finally a friend sent me to a massage therapist for a 90-minute massage and when it was finished I felt like a whole person again. I decided this was what I wanted to do, to be a massage therapist.

I researched and found the best school, The Swedish Institute in New York City. I embarked into a two-year program of 2000+ hours where I was the Class Student President for not only my class for the afternoon and part-time students as well.

I graduated in 2003 and I have continued my training to enhance my technique: Ayurveda and Thai Yoga Massage at Lotus Palm in Montreal, Quebec, Canada - Hot Stone and Lomi Lomi Massage in Hawaii - Advanced Shiatsu in Japan.

I have worked in a Chiropractic office working with naturopaths, personal trainers, athletic trainers and physical therapists. I had the pleasure of working on athletes, dancers, performers, gymnasts, singers, models which include bodies of different types, shapes and sizes with a wide array of needs.

Ever since I graduated, I have developed my own practice with a diverse clientele that allows me to optimize my techniques and skills. Because each individual is so unique, each treatment provides a new opportunity to learn and appreciate how our bodies relax, heal, rejuvenate or restore to health.

My ability to adapt to the client’s immediate needs has help me build a solid reputation among my clientele who recognizes the importance of receiving high-quality services from a conscientious and caring massage therapist.

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