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Professional Mantra


I respect everyone as unique individuals living unique situations.​

Hence, I tailor my approach to the client’s specific needs of the moment.

A holistic understanding is required to qualify them; I draw on Shiatsu’s 5 Element Theory.

The people who come to me are looking for high-quality massages where the emphasis is on improving their health by using the correct technique in an environment conducive to relaxation, tranquility and safety. Massages or body work may last between 30 to 120 minutes.

Some of my clients prefer receiving their massages in the comfort of their home because of convenience, physical restrictions or health conditions.

I value the importance of evaluating each client’s condition at the beginning of each massage, allowing us to discuss and agree on a specific approach.

Furthermore, I make sure to show clients how to integrate exercises or activities in their daily routine to accelerate the healing process.


My work ethic is based on respect, dignity and reliability. As a professional  massage therapist, it is my mission to provide the appropriate massage for the client’s condition.

Assess . Treat . Educate . Motivate . Rehabilitate

Quebec Accredited Licensed Massage Therapist

Insurance Receipts: AQTN M-17015
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